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“In late fall of 2011 I enrolled in the Publish A Picture Book course. The quality of the six lessons was amazing. I could hardly wait to finish each lesson, submit the exercise, and receive feedback. My instructor provided timely feedback with constructive evaluation of my writing. His analysis and feedback propelled me to a new level of writing children’s books. I encourage any children’s book writer to indulge in this inspiring course.”

– Betty Powell Sherouse

“The Publish a Picture Book course has completely exceeded my expectations. I am a novice writer, and was looking for a course that I could do at my own pace, that might give me some helpful insight into writing a children’s book. It has been so much more than that! The lessons are so meaningful, cohesive, and well-planned. The accompanying exercises are very creative, and have all been challenging enough to push me, but not so challenging that I’m overwhelmed or frustrated. The feedback I received from my mentor was consistently filled with little gems of knowledge that I never would’ve thought up on my own. Plus, the feedback always struck a great balance between being encouraging and pushing me to do a little bit more than I thought I could. I wish I could go back and start this course all over again. I am finishing up the course with an amazing toolbox that will help me in my future writing. It has given me a deep appreciation for the true art of writing for kids.”

– Dana Owens

“I found David’s help with my writing to be extraordinary. First he took the time to understand what I wanted to write about. He was able to look carefully at what I wrote, analyze it for the potential picture book audience and make suggestions that were really brilliant and helpful. His comments were most supportive and accurate and he took the time to review every revision. David’s thoughts about my writing opened my eyes and let my mind and fingers flow. His suggestions definitely challenged my brain to make subtle but important changes. I felt it was the best collaboration on writing that I have ever had and for that reason I want to take the course over and over again. The opportunity to have an editor review the finished product is extraordinary and it was very helpful and a unique opportunity that I have not seen in any other course.

“For anyone interested in writing picture books, the direct route to the best help out there leads to this course and directly to David. I think the one thing I wished for when this collaboration was over, and it truly was a thoughtful and helpful collaboration, was to be in an ongoing writing group with David. His subtle, effective challenges truly led me to a better level with my writing. It was great and I miss it!”

– Marijanet Doonan

“Taking this course with David Greenberg has encouraged me to write at a consistent rate while obtaining highly valuable feedback. The course is worth every penny and more!”

– Mary Kay Herzenach

“Last spring I received an email containing information about an “on line children’s writing class Being very suspicious I contacted the sender and found it was legitimate. Without hesitation and with great expectation I registered for the class and was not disappointed. The class is exceptional in that you can work at your own pace. There are writing exercises all along the way and you receive almost instant feedback. The instructors and essay writes are experts in their field and are more than willing to offer their expertise to the students. When you and the instructor feel you are ready your manuscript will be sent to a publisher, if it is not accepted for publishing you will receive expert feedback. I enjoyed this class for another reason; you can work when you want to and from anywhere as you are not confined to a class room. The instructor is there to help you as much as you need.

“I would recommend this online writing class to anyone who works better at their own pace or who just doesn’t have time for the classroom. I am sure you will not be disappointed.”

– Judith Nelson-Curtis


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