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Starfish and Seaweed
Starfish on Seaweed

Sunset kissing the ocean

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Oceanside Directions

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Once you get to Oceanside, you're on your own as far as finding your abode. However, the town is so small that it will be easy to find. For instance, the Clifftop Inn or the Oceanside Cabins are right in the center of things, impossible to miss.

Here are directions from the airport. The total distance from the airport is 94 miles and I'd guess it will take you about 2 hours and 15 minutes to drive if you don't stop.

Take the airport exit and go straight until you see a sign for Hwy 205 South. Take this exit and head towards the sign for Hwy 84 West (Mapquest says this is exit 21B) towards Portland. DO NOT head east towards The Dalles.

Take Hwy 84 West towards downtown Portland and merge onto I-5 South Beaverton-Salem.

Three dogs running in the ocean surf

Take I-5 South over the Marquam Bridge and merge onto I-405 via the exit towards US-26/Beaverton.

Merge onto US-26 Beaverton and head about 20 miles west on Hwy 26. You will then come to a left fork for Hwy 6 West heading to Banks/Tillamook/Forest Grove.

Take Hwy 6 west about 50 miles (through the mountains) into Tillamook. There's often a radar trap as you come into Tillamook, so be certain you are not speeding. You will come to a light in Tillamook. Go straight through this light which crosses Hwy 101. Proceed for 2 or 3 blocks and turn left. Follow a couple of blocks to Third Street and turn right.
View of Oceanside Beach and homes from above
This will put you on the Cape Lookout/Cape Meares scenic route. Follow this route about 9 miles into Oceanside. And there you are! It's beautiful. You'll love it!

See you at the Oceanside Community Center which is directly next to the Post Office and on the beach!!!



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